Alma tea

Infusions and teas with organic certified, ensure that during the agriculture have not been used: pesticides, insecticides or other harmful products for the environment. It is a guarantee that the product is organic or bio, ensuring a healthy and natural infusion.
Organic cane sugar keeps all the properties of the infusion, without altering the final result. With slight hints of honey, it is balanced and nutritious. It provides vitamins A, B1, B2, molasses, mineral salts and carbohydrates, among other properties.


Aroma, color and flavor. Feel the heat in your hands and how your soul immerses into a world of sensations.

• Earl grey
• English Breakfast
• Depurativa
• Hebiscus
• Jasmine
• Mint
• Ratafia
• Relaxante
• Revitalizante
• Rooibos
• Cinamon & Mint
• Strawberry & Cream
• Verde Organico